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Our Vision.

To be the leading performance marketing agency for new businesses and small-medium enterprises.

Our Mission.

Provide performance marketing expertise to new businesses and small-medium enterprises so that they have a strong chance to grow and thrive sustainably.

Fauzi Ibrahim

Fauzi Ibrahim

Performance Marketing Specialist
Over 12 years of experience in Paid Search

Tomislav Glogovac

Tomislav Glogovac

SEO & Content Specialist
Over 12 years of experience in Onsite and Offsite SEO

Serene Lee

Serene Lee

Customer Experience Specialist
Over 15 years of experience in customer experience design, design thinking and service transformation

So why did we form Raydn?

Unlike us, most agencies are not fully equipped with the skills or knowledge to support entrepreneurs and small biz owners.

Most consultants have not been in a startup environment

The ones you heard about that have worked with large brands where the risk of failure is low and budgets are high. On the other hand, our team is made up of experts who established those startups.

No retainer fee or contract

We don’t believe in locking in a contract with you. We’d rather provide the guidance and consulting and upskill your team. We’re the flight instructor, really good ones.

Most agencies do not have real hands-on experience

When it comes to best practices, we keep ourselves updated with the latest product developments and algorithm changes to Google to make sure that our solution is robust and designed to be future-proof.

No up-selling, just a customized solution for you

Our prices are transparent and fair. We will list the deliverables that you will get prior to the launch of the project so that there will be no hidden surprises.

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No business is too small or too large for us. We are happy to discuss your challenges and how we can tackle them together for you to achieve your desired results.

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